Ford Focus RS500: for many years, the RS series has teased speed enthusiasts with a tight budget. I remember driving the Sierra Cosworth RS500 back in 1988 and a brief but thrilling adventure in an Escort RS1800 (BD Rally Engine) before this which converted me to a fan of Ford Motorsport. The latest addition has performance figures similar to many prestige sports cars at less than half the cost. If this new Focus emulates its Sierra predecessor it could be an investment as a Sierra Cosworth 3 door RS500 in ‘collector’s condition’ could be worth over £40,000. Shame Ford are moving Focus production to China! Not sure how this will go down with Mr Trump.

Hyundai Ioniq PHEV
Next generation (excuse the pun) of Hyundai alternative fuel vehicles which uses Plug In technology to extend the electric only range to circa 69 miles which with a CO2 rating of 34g/km allows it to qualify for the Government Plug-In subsidy albeit at the lower rate.

A blast from the past is MG. After failing in the UK can this rejuvenated brand do better with Chinese owners? So far the franchise has not reached 100 dealerships across the UK however with more Groups getting involved this may change as they offer more models. The MG ZS joins the MG GS as a Nissan Juke, Renault Captur competitor this year.

Skoda is one of the best value brands in the industry. With VW/Audi shared technology at significantly less cost the Octavia and Superb are excellent work horses with good styling. Long gone are the jokes about this manufacturer as more and more taxi drivers chose to run a Skoda. They need economy combined with reliability which they feel Skoda delivers and when your business depends on it you can depend on them to have done the research.

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