New Car Sourcing In Scotland & Throughout The UK

We are more than just a car broker; our expertise and experience enables us to advise clients on the best car to suit their needs. By listening to where your car fits into your lifestyle we use our ever-growing knowledge of what is in the market to find a new car which matches your needs. With contacts across the UK in almost every franchise we negotiate the best deal on your behalf. We check the quality of your chosen dealer to ensure you receive the best service.

When we find a new car for you our aim is to minimise your outlay through sourcing the lowest cost of funding and maximising your part exchange value by checking the dealer’s value against our trusted used car buyer network. Often a dealer will offer the best deal on a new car then undervalue your own car. Our aggressive buyers regularly outbid the supplying dealer which gives our clients the best of both worlds. Knowing how manufacturers and dealers work means we understand where and when they are susceptible to accepting cost price for a car. This saving makes our service free to you as the saving made is significantly more than our fee. We value our independence from manufacturers, dealers and funding sources because this means we always work on behalf of our client.

We are always happy to discuss company car ‘benefits in kind’ versus personal purchase to help clients minimise costs.

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